Our primary goal in travel is to learn about and experience the cultures we visit. Over time, my photography has become an integral part of this experience, primarily because we must travel more slowly to get the images I want.  With this deliberate movement comes increased awareness of and contact with the culture we are passing through. Each year we spend between four and six months on the road capturing new imagery. Our goal is to spend three months shooting domestic material and three months overseas, though of course it never quite works out that way. A lengthy domestic shoot may leave only enough time for a short overseas excursion; in 2002, after three intensive overseas trips, there was no time for domestic photography. One of the strengths of our files is the depth we present, a depth we can only offer by spending considerable time in the places we go. Except in California, which we’ve divided into several regions, we try to work by entire states on domestic shoots. Even the smallest states take a minimum of two weeks to cover adequately; some larger places like Texas can scarcely be done in six. Overseas, we try to work by entire countries, though this is obviously impossible in places like France, Italy or India. Recently, we spent nearly three weeks in Jordan and visited most of the country. But where other photographers may have been content to visit simply Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum, we visited a total of 17 different locations.  That particular trip produced nearly 2,000 images for our files (though this web site presents a mere 20). Realizing (if only reluctantly) that one photographer cannot cover the entire world, I have limited myself to the Western U.S., Western Europe, parts of Africa and South and S.E. Asia. Recently, we’ve also visited six Middle Eastern countries and, as I get older, I have an urge to visit other places beyond our traditional haunts. We invite you to see if some of the images we offer can help fill your travel photography needs!


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