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Subjects covered in these images include:

  Cities and Towns People Interacting Transportation
  History and Culture Recreational Sports Industry
  Nat’l and State Parks Sacred Places Agriculture
  Visitor Attractions Architecture Energy


  San Francisco Wine Country Motherlode Spanish Missions
  San Jose Monterey Bay Lake Tahoe California Coast
  Sacramento San Diego Sierra Nevada Nat’l and State Parks
    United States
  Alabama Iowa Nebraska South Carolina
  Alaska Kansas Nevada South Dakota
  Arizona Louisiana New Hampshire Tennessee
  Arkansas Maine New Mexico Texas
  Colorado Minnesota North Carolina Utah
  Georgia Mississippi North Dakota Vermont
  Hawaii Missouri Oklahoma Washington
  Idaho Montana Oregon Wyoming
  Alberta New Brunswick Prince Edward Is Victoria/Vancouver
  British Colombia Nova Scotia Quebec  
  Manitoba Ottawa Saskatchewan  
  Baja CA Copper Cyn Mayan ruins Yucatan
  Colonial Cities Mexico City Oaxaca  
  Argentina (Patagonia) Chile Ecuador  
  Bolivia Colombia Peru  


  Armenia Denmark Hungary Netherlands
  Azerbaijan Finland Iceland Slovakia
  Belgium France Ireland Slovenia
  Croatia Georgia Italy Spain
  Czech Republic Greece Luxembourg Switzerland


  Botswana Mali Namibia Tunisia
  Ghana Morocco Sahara Zimbabwe (Vic Falls)
  Abu Dhabi Egypt Qatar Yemen
  Bahrain Jordan Turkey  
  Dubai Oman Syria  


  Cambodia Japan (Kyoto) Malaysia Tajikistan
  Hong Kong Kazakhstan Micronesia Thailand
  India Korea (Seoul) Myanmar Uzbekistan
  Indonesia Kyrgyzstan Philippines Vietnam
  Iran Laos Sri Lanka  

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: This DESTINATIONS list presents only a small fraction of our entire image library. With such a large collection, we have far more material available than can be conveniently presented on this website. The breadth and depth of our files, and the types of singular, location-specific requests we usually receive, make it prohibitive for us to present more than a small selection. We have images from literally thousands of different locations, many of which may be requested only once in a great while. One of the benefits you will get by contacting us directly is our intimate knowledge of our own material and our ability to deliver a tightly edited selection of images for whatever specific request you may have. Each request is individually researched and edited, and we can usually have images on your desk within 24 hours via Federal Express. Electronic preview and transmission is also available, though time constraints currently limit such digital submissions to a dozen or fewer images.

We negotiate licensing and usage fees for these images depending on how they will be used and their final size. All images are copyright John Elk III. All rights reserved. Before using any of these images in any way, please carefully read our terms detailed elsewhere.



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